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Foundations for a Better Oregon

Our Vision

We envision a better Oregon that hears, values, and cares for every child. Communities, policymakers, system leaders, and philanthropy forge networks of trust, honor Oregon’s complexity, and move as one to remedy the historical and emerging injustices facing children. Public systems authentically engage families and communities in design and decision-making to uphold our collective commitment to children. Together, Oregonians nurture children’s learning, aspirations, and humanity, and every child knows that they belong.


Diana, Adabella, Estrella, Karina, Neida, and Aide are among the youth leaders who supported Capaces Leadership Institute's summer learning program.
Reclaiming Our Own Power Through 'Moles, Murales y la Madre Tierra'

'La abundancia que tenemos': Stories of youth leadership and community-based summer learning in the TURNO and Anahuac programs at Capaces Leadership Institute

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D.L. Richardson and Jessie DuBose Join FBO Board of Directors

Bold leaders from Ashland and Klamath Falls bring invaluable perspective on sparking systemic change across race and place.

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Jessie DuBose (left) and D.L. Richardson (right) join the FBO Board of Directors.
Children play at the Chinese Friendship Association of Portland's 2021 summer learning program. (Photo by Sarah Arnoff Yeoman.)
Why Oregon Children’s Learning Is “Unfinished, Not Lost”

Interrupting deficit-based thinking and narratives can transform how Oregon schools support students during and beyond COVID-19.

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Who We Are

At Foundations for a Better Oregon (FBO), we are fervent believers in Oregon’s children, families, and communities. We are conveners, researchers, advocates, and storytellers. And we are systems thinkers and bridge builders, reimagining how Oregon supports every child to learn, grow, and thrive.

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What We Believe

We believe Oregon’s children are a shared responsibility. FBO's values, theory of change, and partnerships drive our work to ensure Oregon lives up to this sacred responsibility.

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What We Do

FBO is demystifying complex systems and elevating community-driven solutions to disrupt the historical and emerging injustices facing Oregon children and families.

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Our Strategic Priorities

Acknowledging Native Land, Lives, and Ways of Knowing

Our Acknowledgment

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