Stories help us understand who we are, how our children are doing, and what gives us hope. When we reframe systemic failures and uplift the strengths of Oregon's children and communities, we can narrate the path to a more just future.

The Power of Future Thinking in Rural Oregon

FBO’s Janet Soto Rodriguez reflects on opportunities to engage rural voice, vision, and strength wherever decisions are made.

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Peter Koehler with his granddaughter Alice.
A Conversation with Peter Koehler

“Finding common ground is a never-ending process,” says Koehler, a new FBO Board member who has mediated some of Oregon’s most challenging disputes.

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New Community Research Spotlights Oregon Summer Learning

With another historic investment in summer learning on the horizon, FBO and partners explore how community-based summer programs support youth to learn, grow, and thrive.

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Students learn Chinese waist drumming at the Chinese Friendship Association's 2021 summer learning program in Beaverton.
How Oregon Educators Can Fulfill the Promise of Ethnic Studies

New K-12 social studies standards can make learning more engaging, rigorous, and inclusive for all students. Now, the state must help schools prepare.

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Reclaiming Our Own Power Through 'Moles, Murales y la Madre Tierra'

'La abundancia que tenemos': Stories of youth leadership and community-based summer learning in the TURNO and Anahuac programs at Capaces Leadership Institute

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Diana, Adabella, Estrella, Karina, Neida, and Aide are among the youth leaders who supported Capaces Leadership Institute's summer learning program.

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