Stories help us understand who we are, how our children are doing, and what gives us hope. When we reframe systemic failures and uplift the strengths of Oregon's children and communities, we can narrate the path to a more just future.

Why Oregon Children’s Learning Is “Unfinished, Not Lost”

Interrupting deficit-based thinking and narratives can transform how Oregon schools support students during and beyond COVID-19.


Children play at the Chinese Friendship Association of Portland's 2021 summer learning program. (Photo by Sarah Arnoff Yeoman.)
Carol Cheney, second from left, with friends at an event hosted by IRCO Africa House.
A Conversation with Carol Cheney

Power shows up in different ways at different moments. “And if you share it, you’re likely to get it back,” says The Collins Foundation CEO and FBO’s new board member.


2021 Legislative Session Lays Foundations for an Inclusive and Equitable Public Education System

State lawmakers collaborated with the Oregon Partners for Education Justice to strengthen the Student Success Act and pass equity-driven policy for children.


The dome of the Oregon State Capitol.
Kindergarten students in a dual-language immersion class.
To Confront Disinformation, Oregon Must Uplift Culturally Responsive Education

Amid the backlash against critical race theory, we need to build shared vision for inclusive schools and learning.


Whitney Swander Appointed to Oregon’s Quality Education Commission

Named to the post by Gov. Kate Brown, FBO’s Data and Research Director will help define the investments needed for a quality and equitable public education.


Whitney Swander, Data and Research Director at Foundations for a Better Oregon..
A grove of trees at Ecola State Park in Clatsop County, Oregon.
How a Spectrum of Community Engagement Can "Invite Change to Happen"

A new toolkit from the Oregon Department Education will guide schools toward more inclusive and participatory decision-making.


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