Research is in our roots. FBO believes that along with deep community engagement, thoughtful research and inclusive data are critical to understanding the disparities perpetuated by Oregon’s public education system and identifying possible solutions.

This research library catalogs the reports we’ve published throughout our history—many commissioned when we were known as Chalkboard Project. As FBO’s research practices and partnerships evolve, this library captures important learnings over time—many of which influenced significant policy and cultural shifts when they were published, though they may not necessarily reflect our positions, priorities, or perspective today.

Growing Youth Voice and Leadership Through Responsive Programming

This co-designed REAP/FBO study highlights how REAP reached and responded to young people in ways they don’t often experience in public education and other out-of-school learning settings. Rather than emphasizing a specific curriculum or youth development model, REAP’s approach is defined by how it offers young people an environment and the encouragement to belong, to develop their own voice, and to lead among peers and within the community.


It's a Place to Belong: Connecting Summer Learning to Community for Portland Metro’s Chinese Youth

This co-designed CFAP/FBO study reflects the capacity of culturally specific and community-led efforts to meet the needs of the community while simultaneously pushing for systems change that leads to increased representation, greater access to opportunity and services, and equitable outcomes for Chinese, Asian American, and Pacific Islander youth and families.


Community Engagement Through Oregon’s Student Investment Account

This 2021 research brief analyzes the implementation of the Student Investment Account’s community engagement requirements and recommendations for the future of community-informed policymaking.


Lessons Learned from the School District Collaboration Fund Grants

This 2019 evaluation brief outlines lessons learned from Oregon’s School District Collaboration Fund, examining how 15 districts addressed problems of practice related to teacher professional learning, evaluation, compensation, and leadership.


Black Students in Oregon

Commissioned in partnership with KairosPDX, this 2017 report analyzes the educational disparities harming Black/African-American students in Oregon.


TeachOregon: Lessons Learned, Promising Practices, and Recommendations for the Future

This 2017 report analyzed the impact of Chalkboard Project’s TeachOregon initiative, a partnership among universities, community colleges, and school districts to pilot innovative models for collaborative teacher preparation in Oregon.