Research is in our roots. FBO believes that along with deep community engagement, thoughtful research and inclusive data are critical to understanding the disparities perpetuated by Oregon’s public education system and identifying possible solutions.

This research library catalogs the reports we’ve published throughout our history—many commissioned when we were known as Chalkboard Project. As FBO’s research practices and partnerships evolve, this library captures important learnings over time—many of which influenced significant policy and cultural shifts when they were published, though they may not necessarily reflect our positions, priorities, or perspective today.

Why Being in School Matters: Chronic Absenteeism in Oregon Public Schools

Commissioned in partnership with the Children's Institute and Attendance Works, this 2014 research brief analyzed available school attendance data and its implications for Oregon children's learning.


Issue Paper: Improving K-12 Business Practices and Maximizing Available Revenues

This 2011 issue paper highlighted opportunities at the time for Oregon superintendents, business managers, and principals to learn from other states in reducing costs during budget shortfalls.


Making Money Matter: How Districts Can Use the School Improvement Fund to Drive Achievement

This 2011 issue paper highlighted relevant evidence-based interventions at the time for supporting student achievement, including: one-on-one tutoring; reducing class size; high-quality preschool; full-day kindergarten; and services for historically underserved youth.


Issue Paper: Reforming Oregon’s Local Option Process

This 2011 analysis considered the impact of Measures 5 and 50 on local funding options for publish education and offered analysis of potential reforms and alternatives.


Hispanic Students in Oregon

This 2011 research brief analyzed the state of educational disparities harming Latino/a/x students in Oregon at the time.


Issue Paper: Using Average Daily Attendance as a Basis for Distributing State School Revenue

This 2011 issue paper addressed key implementation questions about using average daily attendance, rather than enrollment, in Oregon's formula for distributing school funding at the time.